Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Photography Albuquerque NM - A beautiful wedding ccuple in a rustic setting complete with a horseless carriage!
Wedding Photographers - Albuquerque, NM - Lush green vegetation, a peaceful and calm lake, and beautiful flowers make for a perfect setting for this handsome wedding couple.
Wedding Photojournalism - Albuquerque, NM - A Beautiful Couple in a Rustic Setting
Photojournalistic Wedding Photography - Albuquerque, NM - A handsome young ring bearer, a charming little flower girl and a "small" observer from the sidelines make this candid shot, precious!!
Wedding Photojournalism - Albuquerque, NM - Two big lips and two little lips "meet' on the bride's big day. 
Photojournalistic Wedding Photography - Albuquerque NM